By Popular Demand (2011)


By Popular Demand
Vinyl release, fully analog, no digital steps.
Recorded without electricity on wax cylinder, transferred to tape, then to vinyl lathe.
2011. Produced by Thomas Negovan. Designed by Thomas Negovan and Jack Hargreaves. Label illustration by Malleus.

300 Photo cover by Greg Martin (offset from colloidal original) with “blood and ink” vinyl
100 Tentacles cover (silkscreen) by Jeremy Bastian (black) with black vinyl
50 Tentacles cover (silkscreen) by Jeremy Bastian (red) with red transparent vinyl

“Like scratchy field recordings gathered from dreams… unique and soulful.”
-David J (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets)

“Truly unusual and genuinely compelling.”

“Terry Gilliam describes the inspiration for his masterpiece Brazil – sitting on the chemical blackened beach of Port Talbot in the late ’70’s, imagining tuning into long wave broadcasts of vaguely familiar songs on his rusty wireless. Well, this is what he would have heard – Tom’s voice sounding like dust, tunes out of time, the ethereal humanness missing from the plastic perfection of the digital world.” -Dave McKean (artist and director)

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