“Like scratchy field recordings gathered from dreams… unique and soulful.”
-David J (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets)

 Thomas Negovan is a singer and composer raised in Chicago and currently based in Los Angeles. His music is evocative of the aesthetics of both late 19th century mysticism as well as the exuberant cabarets of Weimar-era Germany, under the dreamy, psychedelic swagger of 70s progressive and glam artists such as Peter Gabriel and Marc Bolan.

All of these harmoniously fuse together to create a sound and a voice that connects Brahms and Byron to Bowie and beyond. The music of Thomas Negovan is informed of its lineage and entirely singular.

“Terry Gilliam describes the inspiration for his masterpiece Brazil- sitting on the chemical blackened beach of Port Talbot in the late ’70s, imagining tuning into long wave broadcasts of vaguely familiar songs on his rusty wireless.  Well, this is what he would have heard- Thomas’s voice sounding like dust, tunes out of time, the ethereal humanness missing from the plastic perfection of the digital world.”    -Dave McKean (artist/director)

In addition to his work as a musician, Negovan is also a published author and art historian, specializing in preserving the art and spirit of turn-of-the-century Art Nouveau, Symbolist, and Cabaret movements. In keeping with these anachronistic endeavors, he is currently one of a select few performers still utilizing early 20th century harp guitars.

“Truly unusual and genuinely compelling” –

His debut solo album By Popular Demand was released on 10″ vinyl in December 2011, and boasts 8 original songs all recorded without the use of electricity on an early 20th century wax cylinder recorder designed by Thomas Edison. The debut single “The Divine Eye” is amazingly the first of its kind since 1924: a song both recorded on AND released on the medium of wax cylinder.

“Some audiophiles like vinyl, some like tapes. But… Alice Cooper on Edison Wax Cylinder? Strangest Kickstarter yet…” -Neil Gaiman

Negovan utilized the arcane recording technique again to produce a macabre, blues-inspired version of Alice Cooper’s “Welcome to My Nightmare.” The song was released in a limited edition of 13 glow-in-the-dark cylinders and a limited edition of 666 records as a dual “A” side 10″ single with “The Divine Eye”, dubbed “The Divine Nightmare” and featuring a unique glow-in-the-dark Grand-Guignol-styled eyeball vinyl.

In support of his wax cylinder recordings, Thomas Negovan appeared as one of a select roster of speakers lecturing at the prestigious TEDx conference on November 11, 2011.