Since 1999 Thomas Negovan has curated physical art exhibitions at numerous venues including the Century Guild galleries in Chicago (1999-2012) and Los Angeles (2012-2017), the legendary venues Cinefamily, Billy Shire Fine Arts and La Luz de Jesus in Los Angeles, and a grand, dramatic rotating presentation of the historical origins of popular culture at San Diego Comic Con from 2004-2015.


Selected exhibitions (click to see photo library):

Gail Potocki: Freaks (COMING SOON)

Gail Potocki: Fragmented Alice (COMING SOON)

Grand-Guignol exhibitions (COMING SOON)

Dave McKean at Billy Shire Fine Arts (COMING SOON)

Decadent Germany of the 1920s at Cinefamily (COMING SOON)

San Diego Comic Con (COMING SOON)


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