Thomas Negovan is a singer, composer, historian, and filmmaker raised in Chicago and currently based in Los Angeles.  His popular books exploring lesser-studied aspects of Art Nouveau, Symbolist Art, and Weimar Germany have received numerous accolades and are well-placed in the hands of influential creatives and respected academics worldwide.

Negovan’s debut solo album By Popular Demand was released on 10″ vinyl in December 2011, and boasts 8 original songs all recorded without the use of electricity on an early 20th century wax cylinder recorder designed by Thomas Edison. The debut single “The Divine Eye” is amazingly the first of its kind since 1924: a song both recorded on AND released on the medium of wax cylinder.

“Like scratchy field recordings gathered from dreams… unique and soulful.”
-David J (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets)

“Truly unusual and genuinely compelling.” -Disinformation.com

Negovan’s first film, Aurora, is currently on the film festival circuit.

“A fascinating homage to 1950s science fiction.” -Neil Gaiman (author and creator)

“Haunting, eerie, and stylish.” -Grant Morrison (author and psychic revolutionary)

“Eerily fascinating and genuinely gorgeous.” -Gerard Way (musician and author)


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