By Popular Demand: Record Release Redux

Thomas Negovan - By Popular Demand Silkscreen for record release parties by Malleus Rock Art Lab

Chicago, Los Angeles– two cities, two parties to celebrate the completion and release of this beautiful piece of art that took clear form in my mind at the beginning of April 2011, was recorded on two dates in May, and after months of work finally officially released on Friday the 13th, January 2012.  I can’t thank my friends and family for supporting me emotionally with their emails, phone calls, and of course attending the events!  Most of all, I have to thank Billy Shire (West Coast Art Godfather) for generously hosting the L.A. event, and darling of darlings Ysanne Spevack (violinist / string arranger for Smashing Pumpkins and Dave Navarro’s favorite violinist) for lending Gail Potocki and I her secret Hobbit House up in Topanga Canyon as a residence for our visit.  Our week in Los Angeles consisted of a Gail Potocki art opening, lots of wilderness beauty, and a record release party, all documented in part below, and more thoroughly on my Facebook page.

Gary Baddeley at Disinformation (his and Richard Metzger’s- now of Dangerous Minds– contribution to corrupting the minds of an entire generation can’t be overstated) was one of the people who was so moved by the record that he said he couldn’t email, he had to phone in person.  He said so many things to me in that phone call (which arrived as Gail and I were wandering in the California mist) that made me realize a dozen minds whose work I respect really understanding my reasons for doing this made up for the lack of a Wax Cylinder Grammy category.  That phone call led to me typing on my phone the note he posted on his website.  If you want to know my mindset of the trip for the Record Release party in L.A., click here.

In going through the photos I have, I can’t believe I did such a terrible job of documenting the guests!  I really, really need a press person.  Thanks to everyone who came, I’m sorry I don’t have most of you on film!!!  (Most of all I wish I had Allan Amato‘s outfit.  He makes being a Superhero look GOOD.)  And if only I’d filmed Grant Morrison‘s story about the unintelligibility of the Scottish accent being the grand key to that night’s parking success or Ulorin Vex spilling secrets about Ron Jeremy and a riding crop, I could get some substantial YouTube hits…

Thank you again, ALL of you, and I look forward to seeing you soon…!


Thomas Negovan Record Release at Century Guild 13 Jan 2012

The Gibson Harp guitar I played on the record; LPs on display



Gail Potocki on the road to the secret Hobbit House

Stolen from Tiffany Lettieri's Facebook!

Thomas Negovan - Gail Potocki - Billy Shire

Thomas Negovan - Kirk Hammett

Steve Diet Goedde - Yee - Don Spiro

Lars Ulrich - James Hetfield

Lars Ulrich - Gail Potocki

Lee Joseph - Susan Schwab - Luther Gerlach - Eva Crawford

Introducing two of my angels to each other: Joe Cassidy and Ysanne Spevack

Kent Williams - Thomas Negovan

'Prom photo' with Ysanne Spevack

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  1. Vicky Paraday says:

    Tommy, You still AMAZE me, I love you, Aunt Vicky

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